Coating Care

Caring for your Ceramic Coating

Follow our guide for Proper Maintenance and care of your installed coating. Following the below guides will ensure maximum durability from installed coating and warranty terms been adhered to.

IGL Enhancer / IGL Premier / Titan Ultra / PH Neutral Wash / Iron Remover available at the shop.

Coating Care

Washing Method (for both coated and uncoated vehicles)


  • We use and recommend washing with the 2 bucket method including using snow foam.
  • PH Neutral Shampoo ONLY do not use washes with wax in them.
  • We recommend using soft microfibre wash mitts and soft drying towels. Avoid using chamois and sponges as they will lead to swirl marks.
  • Always dry your car after washing or rinsing to avoid water spots.
  • Always wash your car when dirty especially after light rain following prolonged dry periods, rain water especially dirty water from the road may and will contain chemicals that will spot your coating.
  • Always wash off bird/bat poo immediately, failing to do so will lead to permanent paint damage. If your vehicle is protected with IGL Coatings, the ceramic coating will protect your paint from being damaged but will itself may be stained and require repair.
  • We recommend using IGL Enhancer following every wash
  • Avoid taking your vehicle to hand car washes or self wash using any brush (automated or manual) as this will lead to scratches and swirl marks.
  • We recommend avoiding the free wash during your vehicle service for the reasons above.
  • Do not rub your hands, fingers or any item on the paint especially when the car is dirty, this will lead to scratching.


Applicable to ceramic paint protected vehicles (Titan, Kenzo, Zeus, Vulcan)


  • Your vehicle should ideally remain dry and clean for the first 24 hours after being ceramic coated (if it was collected on same day after coating). It should not be wet within the first 4 hours following paint protection.
  • Do not wash your vehicle with any chemicals for 7 days after paint protection (water is fine).
  • Only use PH Neutral washing products DO NOT use any heavy-duty degreasers or solvent based cleaners as they will not only damage the coating but may also damage your paint.
  • Wash your vehicle every 2 weeks as a minimum or whenever dirty, do not leave dirty for prolonged periods of time without washing as this may lead to contamination build up over the coating reducing hydrophobic properties.
  • Always dry your car after washing or rinsing, tap water contains minerals that will deposit on the paint reducing hydrophobic properties and damaging your coating.
  • We recommend using IGL Enhancer following every wash plus IGL premier or Titan Ultra every 8 weeks to further protect your coating, improve its hydrophobic ability and prolong its life. These products act as a barrier in absorbing damage thus protecting the coating
  • Vulcan TX155 IGL Enhancer after every wash Only no SiO2 maintenance products required.
  • Do not clay, polish or wax your car. This is not required or recommended.
  • PH Neutral Iron Removal recommend every 8-12 Weeks 
  • Always wash bird/bat poo and tree sap off your paint as soon as possible. Whilst the coating will protect your paint, the coating may stain and will require repair. 


If you have any questions relating to the maintenance of your coating or vehicle please do not hesitate to contact us.