Pricing and Booking

Pricing and Booking

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See below our Interior, Exterior and Paint enhancement options for paint protection and coatings Click Here. All work is fully insured and covered by our assurance guarantee.

Pricing Guide

Standard Interior / Exterior Detail


Same day exterior and interior service designed to give your a car a freshen up and additional layer of durable Gloss and protection

$400 (+$99 for large or excessively dirty)

  • Exterior Pre Soak, Bug removal, Light tar removal 
  • Wheels and linings cleaned/dressed
  • Engine Bay Degrease and Dressing
  • Door Jambs cleaned and protected
  • Iron and Mild Decontamination removal
  • Ceramic Polish and Sealant application (Non Abrasive) (High Gloss, Hydrophobic, Long Lasting)
  • Trims Dressed
  • Glass Cleaned
  • Single stage Vacuum carpet, mats, boot
  • Wipe down clean and dressing of interior surfaces inc dash, door cards, console, cupholders 
  • Windows Cleaned 
  • Odour elimination and Air Freshener

Regal Overhaul Exterior / Interior Detail

A comprehensive complete workover over and what we do best, Resetting your car back to a like new status includes thorough deep cleaning and premium high wearing refinishing of interior surfaces, Gloss enhancement machine polish to revitalise paintwork, Trim Revival and deep cleaning of all exterior surfaces, cracks and crevices finished in a High Gloss, High Protection polish and sealant   

$700 (+$99 for large or excessively dirty)

  • Exterior Pre Soak, Bug Removal, Tar Removal 
  • Full Decontamination Wash including Badges, Vents, Grills, Body joins, Exhaust
  • Iron Removal and Clay Bar Treatment
  • Wheels, Brakes, Tyres and linings cleaned/dressed
  • Engine Bay Degrease and Dressing
  • Door Jambs cleaned and protected
  • Gloss Enhancement Machine Polish
  • Ceramic Sealant (High Gloss, Hydrophobic, Long Lasting
  • Ceramic Topper (For additional protection and durability)
  • Full exterior detail inc trim revival and dressing
  • Exterior glass 
  • Multi Stage Vacuum inc pneumatic cleaning of sub layer
  • Mats washed and cleaned
  • All Interior surfaces cleaned 
  • All Interior Vents, Crevices, Buttons and controls cleaned 
  • All Interior surfaces Dressed in premium UV protective dressing
  • Interior Glass
  • Odour eliminator and air Freshener

Interior Only Services

Standard Interior  $250
Full interior $400

Exterior Only Services

Gloss Enhancement Machine Polish, Exterior Detail and Ceramic Sealant From $400

Single set of machine passes with a light polishing combination to freshen and enhance gloss to paint work light defect removal will be achieved depending on a range of factors for defect rectification and removal see paint correction

Single Stage Paint Correction, Exterior Detail and Ceramic Sealant From $600

Single Stage paint correction utilising multiple sets of passes to achieve moderate defect removal, weathering etc depending on varying factors. (See Coating packages for paint protection options)

Multi Stage paint correction, Exterior Detail and Ceramic Sealant $POA

Heavy Stage cutting cycle(s) removing most of Exterior defects including some deeper isolated defects plus refinement cycle(s) to finish paint to the highest standards. Suitable for show finishes, enthusiasts, prestige and collectable vehicles etc

Upon arrival for your booking we will carry out a consultation to provide an accurate quote on works to be completed prior to commencement.

To Book your service please fill out required fields below and one of our team will be in touch within 24-48hrs to confirm a date for your booking.

Please note waiting times for some services can be 6-12 weeks, Standard In/Ex Details 3-6 weeks, Interior service 2-4weeks, Pre appointment sealant wash Same week as delivery